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Helping Students Navigate Through Academic Transitions & Challenges 


Areas of Practice

Test Prep

The SAT and ACT test score is one of the most crucial factors that determine to which colleges one gets accepted. Chris has extensive experience in raising students' SAT and ACT scores. His approach relies on a unique combination of strategy, reviewing content, and practice with actual tests. Many companies use tests which are not a valid representation of the real SAT or ACT. Other test prep companies design their tests to be easier, making it appear that the student improves more than their actual score will ultimately reflect. Chris has a proven track record of raising student scores while always keeping the student's best interest in mind. Students who are applying to private schools can also receive help with preparing for the SSAT or ISEE. These tests lay a critical foundation for the private schools and colleges to which they are admitted. 

College Applications

Since 2011, Chris has served as an alumni interviewer for Georgetown University. This experience gives him unique insight into the college admissions process for an elite university. The application essay is a critical component of the admissions process. Chris helps students craft personalized and compelling essays. He helps guide the students and their families through what is often a stressful period. By reducing the stress, the student is able to put forth their best application.  

Subject Specific Tutoring

Students seeking help with English, History, Algebra and writing find comfort in overcoming their academic challenges. Students are often reluctant to reach out for help with specific subjects, yet Chris offers a patient and approachable tutoring method that breaks down barriers.